Computer Hardware

2nd Year IT

Hard Drive

The hard disk is the physical place where all computer files are kept. It can be found in the hard drive. Commercial use of the hard drive began in 1956. It was invented by Reynold Johnson who worked at IBM. The hard drive has lots of moving parts and can catch fire if not kept cool


SSD's work in the same way as a memory stick. It has no movng parts so doesn't ever over heat hense the name Solid State Drive. Unfortunately SSD's are considerbly more expensive, a traditional 120 gb Hard drive will cost about £14 an SSD hardrive with 120gb storage will set you back £60.

Optical Drive

An Optical Drive is a device used to read disks. It use a laser to read codes in the lumps and bumps on the CD. Types of Optical Drives are CD, DVD and Blue-Ray Disks.


I short a monitor is a screen. The screen is made up of millions of pixles. A way you can see this is to zoom up realy close on a picture and it willbecome blury (pixelated)


CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. It is the brain of the computer. The CPU is the closet in the computer to the human brain.The CPU's performance is determined in two areas: internal and external. The internal performance means the performance within the central processor.


RAM stands for Random Acsess Memory, and allows you to have more than one program open at once