Kansas Assoc. of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences

Vision Statement:

The Kansas Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences will provide education, support, and professional development for FCS teachers to assist them in providing in a field of study that all levels that promotes healthy and sustainable life for individuals, families, work, and communities.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Kansas Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences is to provide leadership and support to FCS professionals who provide education to individuals, families, and communities. KATFACS will help enhance professional relationships, advocate for FCS, provide resources, and networking opportunities. Furthermore, the mission of KATFACS is to provide an opportunity for members to address issues at the stae and national level that are of importance to Family and Consumer Science education. KATFACS will provide avenue for the exchange of ideas and resources as well as enhance communication within our profession as a whole.

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Contact the KATFACS President, Monique Litherland

Get Involved!

Here is a list of ways to help the KATFACS Organization:

    • Serve as a KATFACS Representative in the House of Delegates at Summer Conference
    • Serve as a Room Facilitator at Summer Conference or United Conference
    • Help out with your district’s assigned committee
    • Be a conference/workshop Presenter
    • Serve as FCCLA Representative
    • Serve as Legislative Representative
    • Maintain and distribute the Membership Directory
    • Serve on the Executive Council
    • Serve as Financial Director (3-year term)
    • Run for Secretary (2-year term)
    • Run for President Elect

Why Become a Member?

-Here are a few of the many reasons why you should become a member of KATFACS today.

  • Awards and Recognition for Outstanding Members and Contributors
  • Curriculum Development
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Professional Development
  • Strong Representation
  • Updated Information
  • Working relations with other divisions of ACTE
  • State and National Publications
    • Newsletters
    • ACTE Techniques Magazine