Friday, March 18, 2016


Congrats, New Members! Welcome to the Team, Cohort 5A!

After another great round of applications and interviews, the Vanguard team welcomes 50 new Vanguardians to the crew! (And possibly a few more later today!)

This application period may also need to be known as #VanFamily! Joining our original #VanMarried duos of Lisa & Chris Sinon and Ayo & Felix Richardson, we now have Jennifer & Justin Evans, as well as Patricia & Allison Thomas.

In addition, we've got sisters Shawanna Arnold & Sharita Berry, along with the mother/daughter team of Amy Matthews & Cheri Mills!

Help Me, Help You!

With this continually growing group, there is the possibility that voices will go unheard. As a result, it's essential for each and every one of you to speak up if there's something you need. In some cases I hear about things through the grapevine, but in most, I don't hear about concerns until it's almost too late.

If you need some flexibility or help with coaching, TIM-Os, reflections, etc. due to different reasons, please be sure to make sure I know and can provide you with the support and understanding that you need.

Help me help you Jerry Maguire

Vanguard 2016-2017: Transfers and Numbers

We know that the end of the school year and summer brings many changes for our Vanguard members. There may be folks transferring between schools, leaving our county, switching positions, etc. We are not going to worry about school numbers, Vanguard status, etc. until the dust settles. As we get closer to the start of the school year, we will look at our numbers and positions before making any adjustments. If you transfer within Fulton County, be sure to take all of your Vanguard purchases with you. If you are leaving Fulton, I will need to collect your iPad, but your Vanguard purchases will remain at your school with the Vanguard members who are still there.

You are such an amazing team and we'd like to keep it as intact as possible! If you have any specific questions, let me know!

Unmark Your Calendars: Vancademy Awards Cancelled

With the chaos of the end of the school year and VanCon at the end of May, we have decided to cancel the Vancademy Awards as a separate event. It was originally scheduled for May 14, 2016, but will no longer take place.

We will have a mini Vancademy Awards during our closing for VanCon, so we still need your suggestions for award categories!! Share your ideas on our Padlet wall!

Vanguard T-Shirts

The order for our new Vanguard shirts will be submitted on Monday. Please be sure to order one if you are interested. There are three colors to choose from at the low cost of $8.49 each.

For our next round of shirts, let's make it a friendly competition. We will hold a contest for the shirt design and announce the winner at VanCon! More details to follow.

There's Always Next Year...

With all of the $500 purchasing coming to a close, Hoke gave me a great idea. Every time I see something amazing that I "just have to have", I should write it down. When purchasing time rolls around, I've got my list ready to go!

And here is what is going at the top! The Ricoh Theta! Tony Vincent has it on his list of favorite gear, but someone shared it in a chat recently too. This looks AMAZING! Yes, please!


COHORTS 1, 2, 3, 4 - Coaching Log

You've been doing an incredible job completing the March reflection/touch base. Thank you to all that have finished it already!
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If you are planning to attend VanCon 2016, please register for the event ASAP. We need to start planning for specific and sessions, so it would be very helpful to know who will be there.

As a reminder, this is off contract time, so you will be paid for attending.

When you register, there are two dates available: May 31st and June 1st. Please pay attention to the following information.

If you are a member of the Vanguard team ONLY, register for May 31st and select the ticket: VANGUARD ONLY.

If you are a member of the Vanguard team AND a Learning Architect, you will need to register for EACH date separately. Select the ticket: VANGUARD/LEARNING ARCHITECT.

We will start reaching out for session leaders soon! If you are unable to attend, we still love you.


Congratulations again on being selected for the Vanguard team. It's time to add your name and information to our list! Be sure to complete the form below, as soon as possible!


Tech4Learning Innovative Educator

Congratulations to Vanguard member, Suzanne Laisney, for being selected as a Tech4Learning Innovative Educator! "The Tech4Learning Innovative Educator program recognizes the work that exceptional classroom teachers, trainers, aides, community organizations, principals, and more are doing with Tech4Learning products." Suzanne, we are so proud of you!


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Our mission as a Vanguard team is to build the capacity of FCS educators and leaders to provide innovative instruction which meets the needs, skills and interests of all students.
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