"Whooping Cough"

Pertussis, otherwise known as whooping cough is a common bacterial infection.

You get this when people around you sneeze and you inhale the bacteria that they release. The bacteria then proceeds to the nose, throat, and lungs. Because it's a bacterial infection, it can be killed by antibiotics. So, this can be dealt with a vaccine to increase the immunity to the infection to prevent yourself from getting it in the future. Your body does fight against this infection though. Mucus is a main defender of the bacteria because you inhale the bacteria to get infected so it has to get through the mucus to get to the lungs. But, if you do get Pertussis, your lungs work really hard to get rid of the bacteria through coughing.



  • Pathogen - Things that look to cause sickness
  • Antigen - Protein markers on all cells
  • Antibody - Proteins made in response to antigens
  • Immune Response - when the body is pre-prepared to battle invaders
  • Phagocyte - cell that surrounds bacteria and engulfs it