Understanding Your Award Package

Financial Aid/Scholarship Award Information

Accessing myGate to view awards

  1. Log into your myGate account at https://mygate.murraystate.edu/cp/home/displaylogin.
  2. Select the Financial Aid tab
  3. Locate the Awards channel in the upper, right of the page
  4. Click on "Your Financial Aid/Scholarship Awards", which will open a new page
  5. Choose the 2014-2015 aid year in the drop down box beside "Select Aid Year" and click "Submit", which will open a new page
  6. New tabs?????

Award Overview Tab in myGate

This page provides general information on how the Financial Aid Office calculated the student's financial need in accordance with federal policies/procedures.

Need calculations are used to determine a student's eligibility for need-based aid (i.e. SEOG Grant, Federal Work-study, Perkins Loan, Subsidized Loans). Need calculations can change as additional awards are made to the student. For instance, if a student receives an external scholarship a month from now, the scholarship will be added to the student award package and be used in the need calculation.

Cost of Attendance (COA) is only an estimate of costs that MSU is using to determine each student's budget or maximum amount of cost. This is NOT your bill.

Students are billed a semester at a time after the student has registered for the upcoming semester's classes, selected a meal plan, been assigned on-campus housing, etc.


How to accept awards

  1. Terms and Conditions must first be accepted

MSU Scholarship Acceptance Deadline

Thursday, May 1st, 11:45pm

This is an online event.

MSU scholarships must be accepted in myGate by May 1st in order to lock in the scholarship award. Offers not accepted by May 1st will be rescinded and re-awarded to other students.

Types of Federal Aid Video

Types of Federal Student Aid


Loan Logistics

  • Students loans do not have to be accepted.
  • Students can accept a partial amount of the student loans offered to them. Only accept what is needed.
  • Student loan interest rates may vary each year, which could change whether a Subsidized Loan is a better loan than the Perkins Loan.
Student Loan Repayment Information

Visit this site to see how repayment plans will work. Federal student loan payments will be deferred as long as the student maintains at least half-time enrollment (6 hours for undergraduate students, 5 hours for graduate students).


Awarded Federal Work-Study? How to find a job?

MSU does not place students in jobs, so you will need to search for a job. You can see if any on-campus departments have listed open student employment positions online through Career Services (link below).

All student employment jobs are classified as either Federal Work-Study or University Student Employment. Even though Federal Work-Study is listed in the financial aid package, the money does not pay directly to the student bill. Students are paid bi-weekly for working a Federal Work-Study or University student employment job.

Career Service Job Search Site

Check this site periodically to search any new openings. Students can also contact departments directly to ask if they have student worker openings. Start searching early in the summer to secure a job prior to beginning fall classes.

Scholarship Office

The MSU Scholarship Office processes all MSU scholarships. External scholarships are also applied to student accounts by the Scholarship Office.

Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office processes all federal and state financial aid including grants, loans, and work-study.