April 3: Grading, Graduation, Spring Break & More!

" Our students, caregivers, and staff keep me in awe of their ability to adjust, react, and respond. Our Berkeley County School educational community is absolutely impressive and appreciated."

Dr. Murphy commented in The Journal, April 2, 2020

Dear Caregivers, Students, and Staff:

We are now completing our third week of remote instruction. As parents/caregivers, students and staff, we have focused on nutrition, instruction and the emotional care of each other. And while we have been tossed into this whirlwind of change, things continue. The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, the trees are ready to bloom. Soon the honey flow will start. Spring is here and it offers the opportunity to start new.

We are and will continue to face some new challenges in the near future. The asset that we have working for us is resiliency. As humans we thrive on being social. It makes us feel better to be connected. Right now, that is occurring differently for all of us and we don’t like it. I see this as a new puzzle that we are trying to figure out and put together. We will figure it out because of who we are. Resilient. Right now, our mission is to stay home, be safe and care about the health of our family and loved ones.

Being on the threshold of spring break, I want to encourage all of us to reflect on the work that has been accomplished recently as well as over the past year. We are and should be proud of it. It is now time to recharge and get ready to finish strong. For those who wish to participate, optional spring break activities have been created to help keep your student's mind and body active. You will find the activities attached below, and on our website.

So, change the dial for the next week. Relax with a book. Take a walk on a new path. Slow down and absorb those things other than the immediate that are happening around us. Let us continue to keep others in mind who need our support. My thoughts are with you, and I wish you a peaceful break.

Grading Guidance and FAQ's Attached Below

At this time, it is not known if the Governor will suspend face to face classes for the remainder of the school year or not. Regardless, we will plan to continue moving in the remote learning direction and should the decision be made to return to school before summer, we will celebrate together.

I want you to know that we are receiving a lot of feedback on many topics such as pacing, expectations and responsibilities from our students, parents and staff and we are listening. Many educators, and administrators participated in the preparation of the following grading guidelines based upon the questions most frequently asked. If you have a question or concern, please message your school principal and kindly wait for a response.

MOVING FORWARD: Learning Plans with engaging educational activities focused on reading, writing and mathematics are being developed to reduce the learning gap that could occur before the start of the 2020-2021 school year. These Learning Plans are being designed to help support the student with continued learning and to provide an ongoing communication tool between the teacher and the student during. Finally, AP Classes and Dual Credit College Classes need to continue.


Call me optimistic, but I continue to hold hope that we will return to school during May and continue with our traditional senior activities. Regardless, we are not canceling graduation or senior award ceremonies but may celebrate in a different manner. We recognize the importance of those activities to the students and their families. That being said, and wished for, we will continue abiding by the direction of our Governor, and always keep the safety and well-being of our students and their families as the priority and direction for our decisions.

Because we know the significance of these events, we will be creating an alternate plan that justly honors our seniors and their accomplishments. We will be working with the high school administrative teams and student leaders to form a plan. I want you to know that we want to give the students an active voice in this planning.


  • Optional Spring Break Activities
  • Playground, fields and track restrictions
  • COVID Information including testing and clinic information
  • Curbside Meal update
  • Schoology
  • Internet Service, Free Books, Sheetz Meals & Birth to 3 information

Be well, stay safe

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Patrick K. Murphy, Superintendent of Schools

Curbside Meal Service will return the week of April 13th

Date, time and locations will be announced. Visit Curbside Meal Service on the BCS website for the most up to date information.



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Schoology Experiencing Increased Demand

During  these unprecedented times with students around the world learning from home , the demands on education technology have shifted significantly — almost overnight. We are providing updates on the Schoology website. Click here.

School playgrounds, fields and tracks are closed

We want to remind our community that while we love having children active outdoors and enjoying the wonderful playgrounds, fields, and tracks on school properties, we have closed these areas to the public while this virus is present in our community. Watch for the posted signs and security tape since not all facilities are fully fences or gated. For everyone's safety, we thank you in advance for adhering to these school property closures.

Free Books for Students

West Virginia Department of Education partner Alice’s Kids is now offering an extended program called Alice's Library to help families in need have books at home to support distance learning. All kids must be in K-12 and there is a 3 book, 3 child maximum.

To order, simply email books@aliceskids.org. You will be sent a form within 24 hours where you'll be able to pick titles and those books will be shipped directly to their home/your office via Amazon. The entire process is free.

Free Kidz Meal Bagz - at your participating Sheetz

Families interested in free Kidz Meal Bagz program should visit participating Sheetz locations and ask an employee at the register for a meal. Families will be offered one bag per child daily while supplies last. For store locations near you, visit: https://www.sheetz.com/news/kidzmeals
This communication contains the most current information available at this time: April 3, 2020 at 3 pm.

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