Why is Football Dangerous?

By: Kelsie Heide

Why do concussions happen in Football? They happen because football players are getting tackled too hard. Many young players, high school players, and professional football players get concussions. Concussions happen during football season, mostly during games and practice. They happen from players crashing into each other really hard and their helmets aren't protecting their heads good enough. A lot of American parents have sent their children to play college or high school football and they have gotten hurt. Nearly 1,500 high school football players in Missouri suffered concussions in 2012. “You get a concussion you've got to be taken out of the game,” replies Washington Redskins fullback Mike Sellers. “You are supposed to be tough. You are supposed to play through pain. You are not supposed to cry. We are taught that early on in the game as kids. Tough sport. Brutal sport. It’s like the gladiator. People want to see the big hits. They wind up on Sports Center. And as a player, you don’t want to admit you are injured,” said Hall of Fame Running back Eric Dickerson. Many NFL football players will have permanent brain damage from repeated concussions and head injuries. In conclusion, football is a dangerous sport where concussions are very common and can lead to brain damage.