First Grade at Solana Highlands

Taj started first grade, August 25th 2015

Unpredictable weekend before the first week of school and other stories

The weekend before school started Taj went to the Solana Highlands "mini-open" house to meet his new teacher, check out his new classroom and play with some of his friends. During the "mini-open" house his dad talked some other parents into going with them to Legoland (amusment park). His friends Nava and Derek joined him, with their parents, at Legoland. Nava's dad drove them all to Legoland. At Legoland they had a great time. First they ate lunch, then they drove electric cars around the Legoland courses, next they rode a few roller coasters and last they spent a lot of time at the water park. On Saturday, Taj got to go meet his friends at La Jolla Shores and hang out at the beach. Sunday, we went to the outlet mall to pick up new shoes for school and went to dinner at friends house. Sunday night the fever, vomiting and chills began. Taj had the flu. Lucky for Taj, mom had taken off Monday from work and Taj didn't have to go to school because the first day of school was Tuesday, August 25th. He rested all day and watched tv. Mom tried to take him to the pool for 10 minutes, but he wasn't feeling very well. Dad had a great idea to lay out his clothes for the next day and prep like he was going to go to school just in case his fever went down and he felt better. When everyone woke up on Tuesday morning Taj felt better, he wasn't going to miss the first day of school! Mom and dad picked up Taj from school at 2:38pm (this is when the kids are let out) and they drove directly to his favorite restaurant Corvette Diner. There they played games, ate hamburgers, and had home-made sodas.

When they arrived back home dad noticed that there was water in the garage, which is not a good sign, the neighbors had another leaky pipe which was pooling into our garage. For the rest of the night dad got to supervise the plumber and for the following 4 nights there was a drying and humidifying unit in the house. These drying units caused temperatures to rise to the 90's inside the house!

Back to school, Taj had a great week at school, but mom caught whatever flu/cold he had and had to miss work on Friday. She picked him up from school on Friday and took him out for ice cream and slurpees at 7-Eleven. The weekend plans were packed with fun things to do. We planned to go to the last day of soccer practice, then hangout at the beach with friends for the afternoon. Well, soccer was great, Taj looked amazing, but the beach had to be closed because there was a hammer-head sharking sighting 100 yds off the beach shore. Later in the day we went to the beach and they were letting people in the water up to 10-15 yards (at least you could get wet), because the outside temperature was 91 degrees. Sunday was so hot we all decided to go see a movie. Kara and Taj saw Inside Out for the 3rd time while I saw Ant-Man.