Monkey Business

B5 Transitional Three's Ms. Meghan


  • Next weeks theme: The Farmer Helps Me
  • Letters of the week: M and N
  • Spring Break: March 8 - 11
  • March 15: Summer Camp Registration Begins
  • Good Friday, March 25 No Classes

Reminders / Notes

  • Thank you for helping with the Valentine's fun! The Boys loved all the Valentines. Thank you for all the sweet notes and candy, I really felt loved!!!
  • We are working on more independence... The boys are taking their lunch boxes out and putting them with their backpacks. They are so proud to be doing this!
  • WOW!!! We had another amazing week! I am so proud of all my friends!

What We Are Working on This Month

  • Shape: Star
  • Color: Yellow
  • Counting: 5 and 10 (5 points and 10 sides)
  • Bible Verse / Song: "I am with you always." Matthew 28:20
  • Frog Street Press: Star (A.K.A. Stella Star)
  • Calendar: February, season, daily weather observations, days of the week song.

What We Did This Week

  • We enjoyed the letter construction K and L, cutting paper in the sensory table, legos on the light table, Little Pet Shop, pet care center with Sammie the dog, puzzles, crayons, markers, color stick matching, stretching bands on pegs, stickers, and lacing cards.
  • For Art, we decorated our Valentine bags on Tuesday. We glued keys on the letter K on Wednesday. We painted with legos on the letter L Thursday. Friday we stamped hearts with pink and red paint . We had so much fun this week!!!
  • We had special Valentine's Day snacks on Thursday and Friday.
  • We read: "Star", "Katy Kangaroo", "Larry Lion", "I Really Like Slop!", "Sheep in a Jeep (I read this upside down, ask about it)", "Alphablock", "Never Ask A Dinosaur to Dinner", "I Broke My Trunk!", "Open Very Carefully a book with bite", "I Love you night and day", and "Silly Sally (I also read this upside down)". Our favorite book this week was "Never Ask a Dinosaur to Dinner"

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