You see it on TV, in the newspaper and in magazines. It's Parliament House, of course!

You see it on TV, in the newspaper and in magazines. It's where all the famous politicians sit and have important meetings. It's Parliament House, of course! There are many different rooms inside Parliaemt House where politicians sit and discuss bills which might become laws. One example is the House of Representitives (otherwise known as the People's House). At one end of the room there are seats for the public. The public can sit and listen as long as they don't talk or interrupt the politicians. At the front of the room sits the Speaker. The Speaker will yell, "Order!" if the policitians are shouting over each other when the Speaker is trying to talk.

Next, there is the Federal Senate, which is coloured red. This is where the politicians discuss laws and debate on whether they will benefit us or not. There are also seats for the public along one side of the room.

The Prime Minister's office is where the Prime Minister shoots TV interviews and where guests sit if they visit Parliament House. Outside is the Prime Minister's Courtyard, where there is a podium so the Prime Minister can send out special messages to the nation. Kevin Rudd was once found to be playing backyard cricket out there!