H.A Rey

Author study

Curious George rides a bike

Curious George Goes to the zoo

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Curious George goes to the beach

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Central Idea statement

In 1940, In Paris, H.A Rey wrote the first Curious George book because he wanted his book to be famous.
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Summary of research

H.A Rey grew up near Hagenbeck. He got i his inspiration because he would often vist the famous Hagenbeck zoo. One of the biggest hardships in his was, was trying to escape Hitlers invasion, and he did. H.A Rey is currently dead and died in 1977

Summary of Synthesized Information


I think the mood of almost all of H.A Rey books are happy because all of his books are very happy. I also feel like not one of his books ends in a sad way. I also realized that there may be some parts in his books that might be Sad but no matter what the ending are always happy.

Writing style

I think H.A Rey writing style includes a lot of pictures. He also Likes to put a decent amount of words. I also have noticed how in most of his books he has at least 35 or more pages in his books and i think that is a lot of pages for a children's book.


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Margret Rey and Curious George

Margret Rey and Curious

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