Creative Projects

Want ideas for cool Internet based projects?

Are you tired of seeing PowerPoints?

There are so many free tools available on the Internet to use for projects. On this page you will find some that you can use to spice up your project or presentation.


If you have a Windows PC, then you can download PhotoStory for free from the following website. PhotoStory is a neat software that will let you insert pictures, text, voice over and even music. With PhotoStory you are using photographs and not video. It is pretty easy to use and I think students and teachers would enjoy using it.

PhotoStory - Tutorial

The video below is a 10 minute tutorial for beginners on using PhotoStory found on YouTube.


This tool is web based and will let you create animated videos. The free basic account will let you create videos up to 5 minutes in length and post on YouTube. The free account will not let you download the videos to your computer. Visit PowToons at:

PowToons Video - Short Introduction

The video below is a short intro to PowToons from their YouTube channel.
The History of Presentation software - From PowerPoint to PowToon

PowToons - Tutorial

The video below is a 10 minute guide to creating your first PowToon presentation.
Learn How to Make an Animated Video in under 10 Minutes


This software allows teachers and students to collaborate on projects together. The students will be able to upload pictures and tag their pictures with text, photos, videos and web links. The students can make their picture interactive and go in-depth explaining the content in a creative way. Check out the video example below of a ThingLink presentation.

ThingLink - Tutorial

This is a 3 minute tutorial to get you started with ThingLink found on YouTube.
How to Make an Interactive Image with Thinglink


This web-based tool will let you create videos, you will start by uploading video footage from Google Drive, Instragram, Flickr, Facebook Dropbox or Picasa. Or you can upload from your Iphone, Ipod or Android phones. Drag and drop videos into the timeline to create your movie. Upload your finished video to WeVideo, YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or Google Drive. There is a WeVideo uploader app for the Iphone/Ipad. Visit WeVideo at:

WeVideo - Short Introduction

The video below is a short introduction to WeVideo.
WeVideo Overview (in less than a minute)

WeVideo - Short Video Tutorial Clips

Visit the WeVideo website to view short video tutorials.

WeVideo - Tutorial

The video below is a 15 minute tutorial that will help you create your first WeVideo presentation. This video was found on YouTube.
WeVideo Tutorial