Early Presidential Challenges.

What they went through was more challenging than you think.

Why was it so challenging to be President during the early years of the United States?

  • People had different views.
  • They had conflict with the French and British. Because they were attacking the U.S. ships.
  • They had to fight wars, that means they needed to by weapons and other supplies.
  • They didn't have very much money, so they couldn't have an active army. Having a national army would take away there liberty.
  • Most of all they have to "take care" of a pretty much brand new country, by themselves. The President has to make sure he makes the right decisions or the country could fall apart.

International Relations

The French and British were in war, so they would hit every ship they seen coming towards them. They ruined the American ships so they had to cancel trade with Foreign countries.

Jefferson made a deal with with the French and British to stop attacking American ships, and the U.S. would stop trade with their enemies.

Internal Problems

The population was growing, people had different views on the government. As the population is growing, money is becoming more of an issue. They don't have enough money for an army and to be a National army would take away there liberty. Theres a lot of decisions involved in running a new country.