Feed Teaching Component



-left off with Violet breaking down

-begins in waiting room

-Violet's dad gives Titus address to check her feed function

-goes in to see violet, still mad at her

-has weird dream of droplets of water and string and Violet saying, "How many do you need?"

-violet tells him she lost her memories from when she was six

-tells him what she wants to do

-Violet and her dad contact feed tech

-Titus talks to Quendy

-wakes up with long message from Violet


-Women shown as physically weaker (Violet having feed issues)

-"It was all about how she had lost her memory, and how sometimes she couldn't move parts of her..." (Anderson 219).

-Titus doesn't want to stick around when she can't be stable for him

-"I wanted Violet to be uninsane again, just a person who would touch my face" (Anderson 211).


-Titus' parents bought him his own up car, Violet's dad can't even pay to repair her feed

-"Later, before I left, I watched Violet and her father petition for free repairs. Violet's dad couldn't pay for all the tests and shit himself" (Anderson 219).

-people in the lower class speak with higher diction

- "If you do not acquiesce, others will" (Anderson 219).

-"She was like, Da da da, she was completely in mal, don't listen to her, da da da, she's a completely fuguing bitch" (Anderson 221).

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Discussion Question:

After you read, go back to pages 229-233 and reread Violet’s “Definitive list of things I want to do.” Then, contrast these activities with the first sentence of the book: “We went to the moon to have fun, but the moon turned out to completely suck.” Do you think Titus and the others are spoiled by the feed?

Essential Question:

How does Anderson's work question the dangers of overreliance of technology?

-loses control over body and decisions

-become the technology

-loses purpose and individuality

Presentation by: Ally Peeples

Works Cited:

Anderson, M. T. Feed. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick, 2002. Print.