My Job As A Mental Therapist!

By: Kylie Davis

The reason I chose my Career.

My name is Kylie Davis, i'm a 7th grade student at E. Lawson Brown Middle School. The reason why I chose mental therapy is, because I would like helping people with their disabilitys, their problems at home or if they social problems like at school. I think this would be a intresting career. I would probably never get bored! Im okay with the salary because I now ! would enjoy the job.

The Kind of People I want to help!

High School Classes I Should Take.

To be in mental health/mental therapy I should take peer behavior, it teaches you human behaviors and their actions. I think this class would really benefit me for the future.

The things I need in order to be a mental therapist

in order for me to be a Mental Therapist I will need my master's in in counseling or marriage and family therapy. I'm supervised to have 2,000 to 4,000 hours of clinical experience.
Skills needed:
-listening skills
-people skills
-speaking skills

Cost of College.

I would have to pay $75,000 for 6 years of going to a community college like DCCC. After I get out of college my monthly loan payment would be $665.76 a month for 15 years.

After College!

After college I want to try to open up my own therapy loft for the disabled. I'm not exactly sure about marriage yet. I think with my job and after all the classes I want have time to have children of my own. I would like to live in a busy city without a lot of business's like mine.

My salary!

As a mental therapist I would make $39,710 a year and $19,09 an hour at the least, the highest paid mental therapist makes $63,000 a year. I want to try to make the highest after i go to school for so long.