Welcome to the Volcanic Resort

written by: Jayden Husfeld

Welcome to the Resort

Hello and welcome to the Volcanic Resort where everything here is based on our three main volcanoes. We make sure our guests come here stressed and leave relaxed. We have many things to do here based on our three main volcanoes: Cinder Cone, Shield, and Composite volcanoes. These are of the many activities we have at the Volcanic Resort.

Enjoy the Cinder Cone Cafe

Everybody loves to come to our cafe. There are many tasty selections to choose from such as our Crunchy Ash Cake to Blown Off Top Pancakes. We also have Rocky Crunchy Spaghetti. We also have a kids menu for your children. One of the children's most favorite dish is the Burnt Burger. We have many more options that you will have to see to believe. While you are eating these delicious plates of food, you can watch our Cinder Cone volcano burst with energy. The way Cinder Cone volcanoes form is when magma makes its way to the surface and gets bigger and bigger. You will also see the top of the volcano blow off with extraordinary power. You will also notice that the top of the volcano will usually blow off because this type of volcano is explosive. Some of the most amazing Cinder Cone volcanoes are located in Oregon and Hawaii. We hope you enjoy our cafe.

If you want to see more options please visit our website below. www.Volcanic'sCafeChoices.com

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Rent a Comfy Composite Condo

While at the resort, you can enjoy a nice place to sleep. Our Comfy Composite Condo will let you get the sleep you deserve. You will feel like you are sleeping on warm thick lava when our beds are as solid as a rock. Right next to your window you will here our explosive Composite volcano erupting. The lava oozing on the side of the volcano will put you to sleep in seconds. Once you here the volcano erupting you will be up and running to get your children to the activities they want to go so you can have some alone time. Our composite volcano is a mixer of a shield and cinder cone volcano. It explodes ash and oozes out lava to create more layers. Fuji, Japan has the most dangerous, significant composite volcano in the world. Our Composite volcanoes form the same way a Cinder Cone volcano forms. We hope you enjoy our Composite Condo.

Please Visit Our Sheild Slide

Boredom for your children is not an option. Please take them to our Shield Slide. They will get to slip and slide in the thick molten lava. Many kids enjoy going into the vent and waiting for the lava to come up and ooze them out of the vent. All the kids come out of the vent on the lava with smiling faces. Our Shield Volcano was formed from magma making its way toward the surface. Once the magma reaches the top it oozes out and spreads out in all directions and hardens which makes more layers. For the parents the harden lava makes great lounge chairs where they can relax on. Some of the world's greatest Shield volcanoes are in Hawaii, California, and Oregon. Please visit our shield volcano which is the largest out of the three kinds of volcanoes.




We Hope You Have Enjoyed Your Visit