Idina Menzel

The Girl Who Defies Gravity

Start of her career

Idina started her career when she was featured as Maureen in the Broadway production "Rent" in 2005. She continued, and also starred in the play "Wicked" as Elphaba, and went on to win a Tony award for best actress (musical).

Albums, songs, and awards

In June 2004, Idina won a Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in A Musical for playing Elphaba. In march 2010 she announced that she would be going on tour later that year. She has put out 4 studio albums, and plans to possibly make more in the coming years. She recently put out the song "Let it go" which has won many awards, and inspires little girls all over the world to be independent, and just let things go.

Background information and facts

Idina has loved acting ever since she was young, in the fifth grade she starred as Dorothy in her school's production of "The Wizard of Oz". She also cracked a rib when she fell through a trap door during a show of "Wicked" on 8 January 2005, and could not perform the next day, and it was supposed to be her last performance. But she had someone cover for her, and she ended up performing at the end of the play. Her last name was originally spelled "Mentzel" but she decided to take the T out because everyone pronounced it incorrectly. She also has a sister, Cara, who is three years younger who inspires her to continue with her passion. Idina loves to sing, and said herself: "I've been singing since I was born. It's something I do everywhere I go. In the shower, walking down the street. I don't need any impetus to do it. I just sing."