Transition 101 November 2018

6th Grade Timelines for Transition Activities

Welcome 6th Grade Parents and Students!

Welcome to your last year of elementary school in Richardson ISD! This will be a year of firsts for 6th grade students as they engage in activities and tasks that prepare them to transition into a secondary environment. The purpose of this publication is to help students and parents navigate the process by remaining informed during each step of the journey.

Our newsletter will be distributed by elementary campuses, We are committed to providing you with user-friendly content that will give you the information you need to know in the time frame you need to have it.

We will spotlight what is taking place to prepare your student to transition into Junior High. We hope your family finds this information helpful as the year progresses.

Join us this school year as we prepare you for the transition to secondary programming!

Elizabeth Swaner

Executive Director

College & Career Readiness

What is Happening Right Now?

During the fall sememster, students have been introduced to the Naviance College & Career Readiness platform, an online resource that will continue to be accessed through 12th grade. Naviance helps align student strengths and interests to post-secondary goals. Students will learn to use Naviance while at school, but can also access it at home since it is web-based.

Students will engage in tasks during the 6th grade year to help build awareness about different careers. The main tasks for 6th graders this year include Road Trip Nation career information and a student survey to prepare them for the transition to 7th grade. We encourage you to explore Naviance together and have conversations as a family about your child’s interests. Doing so can help your student make smart course selections for Junior High.

For more information about Log-in and Password, contact your campus guidance counselor.

Big picture

Secondary Elective Courses

Research shows that students participating in these programs demonstrate positive characteristics in the areas of leadership, teamwork, training, and goal attainment. There is also evidence of a greater sense of belonging, impacting school connections and peer relationships. Participation in Athletics and Fine Arts also transfers learning into other core subject areas. Take a moment to read more about the Athletics and Fine Arts opportunities in Richardson ISD. These will be scheduled during the course selection window between February and March

Junior High Athletics

Junior High Athletics is a year-long course that offers opportunities for all students. Some sports do not require students to try-out, while others do. Sports offered in Junior High include:



Cross Country





For more information or answers to specific questions about athletics, talk to your counselor or contact the RISD Athletics office at 469-593-0120.

Fine Arts

All Performing Arts courses are year-long in Junior High.


Students currently in beginner band or orchestra in 6th grade are encouraged to continue in 7th and 8th grades.


Choir classes range from tenor/bass, treble, mixed, to show choir.


At all 8 junior high schools, students can begin their theater arts career.

For more information or answers to specific questions about fine arts, talk to your counselor or contact the Fine Arts department at 469-593-0430.

Visual Arts


Each of the four semester-long courses in Junior High provide students with a foundation in drawing, 2-D & 3-D design, digital media, painting, printmaking, and ceramics. At Richardson West Junior High, students can begin their journey through the magnet program.

For more information, contact your counselor of the Visual Arts department at 469-593-7450.

College and Career Readiness Office