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San Patrik´s day BY: Cristina Martínez

Geografi of San Patrik´s day

San Patrik´s day is celebration the 17 of Mach. In this day more of sicular celebration in Irland.

San Patrik´s day is celebration in big citis and small towns. In the day of San Patrik´s day they have a party where a food, songs, musics, drinks and activitis.

In the San Patrik´s day they paint a clover of four leaf.

Some comunitives even go so far as river and a estem !

Is a public holiday of Irland and widely celebrate by Irish diaspora in places such as Great Britain, Canada and Australia.

This is a river green. its biutifal !

This is the parade of the San Patrik´s day.

This paradie is for UK and in oders citys old the person celebrate San Patrik´s day for exampol : Dublin, inlatera etc....

What is St. Patrick's Day?

This is a video of San Patrik's day

This video explain what is San Patrik's day.

This is San Patrik´s fun

This is a photo of a gels than is dres of a San Patrik`s day more or les

San Patrik`s day is time of fun.