Puebloan Tribes

By: Lillian Dacke

About the Jumano Tribe

The Jumano where native Americans who lived in the mountains near the Rio Grande. They produced there food by farming dried corn, squash, and beans for there family. They where very friendly and welcomed anyone who came on there land uninvited unlike the Apache's.

About the Tigua Tribe

The Tigua tribe was very much alike the Jumano's. They where very friendly and supported there family by farming Dried corn, squash, and beans. They lived like the Jumano tribe, by the Rio Grande. They share many of the same things as the Jumano.

The Adobe Puebo's

What the Houses are Made of

Adobe Housing

The Adobe Puebo's are Adobe housing that these two tribes lived in. The houses where made of clays and where very much alike apartments and communal living.


The Pueblonians where the only other tribe that had Adobe housing. They also are the only other friendly tribe who welcome strangers with arms open. If you ever get lost back in the day, you better hope and pray that the Pueblonians are the only tribe you run into. There clothing was very similar to the other tribes because they whore loin clothes, sandals, and mud hats to keep cool.
Jumano Facts

These are some facts to learn more about these tribes.

Tigua Facts

These are some facts to learn more about these tribes.