Duncanrig Secondary

Professional Development Update

Issue Five

Welcome to the issue number five of the Duncanrig Secondary Professional Development Update. Adopting ICT into our classrooms is always a thorny issue: hardware can let us down; useful websites can be blocked; Glow is still a work in progress that many of us still haven't accessed. However, over the last few years the humble data projector has opened up the possibilities for new technologies in the classroom. This newsletter deals specifically with You Tube and its huge potential. Hopefully you will find a few tricks and tips which will enhance your Learning and Teaching.

ICT and Curriculum for Excellence

Using iFiles to download videos from YouTube

Making Better Use of You Tube in The Classroom

You Tube opens up incredible possibilities for the classroom if used effectively. Along with the millions of short films to be used in every subject there are possibilities for cutting clips and embedding them in class websites, Edmodo, Glow etc. These can be used to enhance Listening skills in the classroom along with providing excellent classroom resources. Hopefully this can help us to address Experiences and Outcomes and will be beneficial to all.

Next Issue

Over the summer the GTC announced new Professional Standards for teachers so the next issue will provide some information on that. As always if there any ideas or topics you'd like to suggest for future issues, please get in touch.