Adopt An Element


About our element

Platinum is the the atomic number 78, the atomic mass is 195.084, it has the symbol Pt, and is a transition metal. It is a gray white color and is highly unreactive. It has 78 protons and electrons and 117 neutrons and has 6 energy levels. Its melting point is 1768.4 degrees Celsius and the boiling point is 3825 degrees Celsius. It is malleable and ductile and could be considered a precious metal.

Uses of our Element

Two of the uses of our element is jewelry and dentistry equipment. It is also a great catalyst and used for containers. It is also used for for coating missile nose cones and jet engine fuel nozzles. It can absorb large volumes of hydrogen, retaining it at ordinary temperature but giving it up when heated.

Fun Facts

It was found in 1735 by Antonio de Ulloa in Columbia. Since platinum is a precious metal it is used in currency and investment. It is traded and collected in the shape of coins, bars , ingots, and other forms. Platinum comes from the Spanish word 'platina' meaning "little silver". Finally, our moon and meteorites have a larger percentage of platinum located in them.