From Tree Resin To Bubble Gum

By: Claire Folden


Have you ever wondered where bubble gum is made? There are three steps that bubble gum goes through. Did you know that bubble gum was made in the 1920s!


Bubble gum starts at the farm.they cut down the tree to get the tree resin. the tree resin is what makes it chewy. if the tree resin wasn't there it would taste bad.This is the first step of bubble gum!


This step is all about the factory step. At the factory they pour in the tree resin into the machine . Then they add flavor to the tree resin. They add flavor to make it taste good.Then they heat the gum.If the gum wasn't heated it would stick to the wrapper.Then they cool the gum down.Next they cut the gum into small pieces so you don't choke.Then they rap the gum so it isn't dirty.this is the second step of bubble gum!


The final product is bubble gum.people buy it to make there breath smell better.Some people do it just for fun.the way to use it is not to swallow it .Swallowing it is bad for you. this is the last step of bubble gum!

Fun Facts

Bubble gum is made from rubbers and plastic.It helps not make your ears pop on an air plane.people invented different kinds of bubble gum over the years.They put tree resin in the first gums.Tree resin comes from trees.


As we went through I think you can see how bubble gum was made.As you can see bubble gum went through different stages.
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