Jess - Olim in Israel

Mission: Get 1000 Olim with #olimhadashim


Reach critical mass within the Olim community in Israel. Today there are over thousands of Olim Hadashim in Tel Aviv, all requiring support and a community.

Deadline: 30 days after launch

5 Steps to success

  1. Create a landing page (using Istapage or showing the use case + value proposition.

  2. Prepare list of Olim friends and contact Olim friends to build lists of their Olim friends (UK, US, Canada, South Africa, German, South America, French).

  3. Prepare mailchimp email list to get Olim to download the App and share further. Create SMS and Whatsapp message for sharing with link to download.

  4. Post in Olim Facebook groups e.g. Secret Tel Aviv & get in touch with organisations that help Olim e.g. Nefesh b'Nefesh/Ulpans/Oranim/Birthright

  5. Organize event for Olim - networking/big screen of anonymous profiles