Dealey Dragon Update

March 2018

Message from the Principal

Dear Dealey Parents,

Keeping your child safe at school is our district’s top priority. This is a responsibility we take very seriously at Dealey. Therefore, we would like to communicate some of the safety procedures we have outlined in our Campus Emergency Plan and let you know how you can assist.

The Dealey faculty and staff are committed to increasing safety by:

· Conducting monthly fire drills with additional evacuation, severe weather, and lockdown drills each semester

· Ensuring exterior doors remain shut at all times and not propped open when students go outside for outdoor activities

· Reviewing safety procedures with all staff members and making adjustments as necessary

· Reminding students not to open doors for visitors (even when it is a friendly or familiar face)

· Redirecting visitors or district personnel without visitor passes to the office to check-in

· Checking front door cameras and greeting visitors before allowing access to building

Please assist us in implementing the following safety procedures:

· Please use the visitor check-in and check-out system located at the main office, regardless of the time of day or length of visit. If an appointment has been arranged with a teacher, counselor, or other staff member, allow an office staff member to make contact with them to notify them of your arrival

· All visitors and volunteers must wear their name badges in plain sight at all times while on school grounds or at school-related events or activities. (Visitors are not, however, asked to check in and out using this system during large evening PTA meetings, school plays, programs, concerts, etc.)

· Please refrain from using side doors to enter the building during instructional hours even when staff members may be present to open doors

· Please do not drop off your child before 7:30 a.m. We do not have staff members available to supervise until this time

· Please pick up your children promptly after dismissal time. Students left in the building beyond 4:00 p.m. do not have supervision if they are not in an afterschool club or program

Again, these procedures are in place for the safety and well-being of your child. We still welcome and appreciate your presence and involvement at our school, but know that together, we can ensure Dealey will always be the safest environment for our students. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.


Beverly Lusk


A Special Note of Thanks

Thank you to the anonymous parent who sent this surprise last Friday. It absolutely brightened my day!

Mark Your Calendar - March

1 - Class Pictures
2 - Dr. Seuss's Birthday
3 - Dealey Auction
6 - PTA Speaker @ 6 p.m.
7 - Orchestra UIL
8 - MS Dance - 3:45 - 5:30
8 - Dr. Seussical PK/K Program @ 6:30
9 - Global Friday
12 - 16 - SPRING BREAK
20 - Animal Adventures Dallas Zoo (1-3) 2 p.m.
23 - Career Day; Jean Spirit Day
27 - PTA General Meeting
29 - PK/K Egg Hunt
30 - Inclement Weather Day - NO SCHOOL

Congratulations, Dealey Destination Imagination Teams!

Middle school teams:

Competed in the Technical challenge

1st place winner - advancing to State

Nash Dehaven
Mathilda Chuard
Sara Saporito
Byron Jones, III
Audrey Lewis

Competed in the Improv challenge

1st place winner - advancing to State

Hudson Shields

Elementary school teams:

Competed in the Fine Arts challenge

2nd place winner - advancing to State

Ilan Gunawardena

Lily Engels
Anisa Herrera
Avni Verma
Sara Elias
Sophia Davila
Marina Nadeau

Competed in the Service Learning challenge

1st place winner - advancing to State

Recipient of the Spirit of DI award for exceptional team work and DI spirit.

Amara Ehrman
Anya Datta
Lucia Herrera
Mira Russell
Sophia Saporito
Hannah Leach
Eve Davila

Competed in the Improv challenge

3rd place winner

Trinity diPrisco

Neethi Sureka

Hazel Rose

Anna Villines

Rosemary Perez Hartzel

Isabella Rodzoch