Our String Cheese Taste Test

Frigo Cheese Heads, Sargento, and Organic Valley Stringles

Poster By: Emma Dziengeleski, Gabby Sanchez, Jason Dietrich, and Zach Roberts


How can you make a successful taste test with your group?

Gathering Information and Research

We had to fill out a packet that our science teacher gave us to help us do all our research, and figure out all the materials we needed to make our taste test work. We had to fill out a procedure so we knew the exact order to do everything in. We had to set up our whole experiment before the real day to make sure that everything was just how we wanted it.


If we do a preference test on three different brands of string cheese then they will most likely prefer Frigo String Cheese because it's made with 100% cheese.


Michael is one of the participants in the taste test challenge.


Emily is another participant in our taste test.


Max participated in our taste test experiment.


Rachel was one of our taste test participants


The data that we collected showed that the most kids and teachers and students liked Frigo Cheeseheads string cheese brand because 45.6%of the time it was chosen. Sargento cheese people choose 26.5% of the time. Organic valley was an additional 1.4% of being chosen at 27.9%


27.9% of people choose Organic Valley while 26.5% of people choose Sargento. The most liked was Frigo because 45.6% of people choose it.

Materials List

6 Plates
3 Knives
3 packs of Frigo Cheese Heads String Cheese
3 packs of Sargento String Cheese
6 packs of Organic Valley String Cheese
garbage can
1 pack toothpicks
1 cooler
Ice packs
Latex Gloves

Procedure/ Experiment Steps

Step 1:Go to the store, buy materials and put in cooler and bring to school.

Step 2:Open cooler and remove all cheese and set it on our table.

Step 3:Get out all the rest of the materials (plates, toothpicks, napkins, knives, and cutting board).

Step 4:Put in latex gloves.

Step 5:Open the cheese package, and unwrap all individually wrapped cheese sticks.

Step 6:Set the cheese on cutting board and set on plates according to the name brand.

Step 7:Open toothpick packs and put one toothpick in each chunk of cheese.

Step 8:Separate each brand on plates A, B, and C.

Step 9: Take 1 piece from plate A, then eat.

Step 10:Take 1 piece from plate B, then eat.

Step 11:Take 1 piece from plate C, then eat.

Step 12:Decide what kind of cheese you liked the best

Step 13:Put your name on the Google Forum and pick what you liked the best(A, B, or C.)

Step 14:When done eating place toothpicks in garbage.

Step 15:Then we set up the next trial for the next person. Then go on and on repeating.


All in all, our taste test found that our hypothesis was correct. Frigo String Cheese is liked best by 7th students and some teachers of Pulaski Community Middle School. If we could change this experiment we would like to have more time to prepare our test taste.