Chisholm Summer Adventures

Week 8: The Olympics

Spear Olympics

PK-2 Olympic Fun

Read books about different types of sports in the Olympics. Create your own Olympic activities at home. Who will get the gold?

PK-5 Create Your Own Olympics Events

Create your own Olympic events. Keep a record of data, such as the time it takes to finish a race, how far you can jump, how many times you can skip rope without missing. Put the numbers in order from least to greatest or compare two numbers using the correct symbols. Make a graph of your data to share with family and friends.

PK-5 History of the Olympics

The Olympic games are an important event held every four years. Was your favorite activity one of the original games? Ask an adult to help you find out.

PK-5 Design a Javelin

Design your own javelin using household items. Test your javelin outside and then alter it to make it go even further.

PK-5 Kids Yoga Stories

Books and summer olympics yoga poses for kids.

Grades 3-5 Go Pro!

Check out the links and activities to celebrate and create your own Olympics.

PK-5 IXL Challenge of the Week

In the month of July, Chisholm Chargers have answered 6,357 IXL questions!

PK-2 Digital Citizenship

Watch the video about the digital trail and discuss the following questions with an adult at home:

1. In the video, Feet talked about digital footprints. What is a digital footprint?

2. What information does Feet say not to share online?

3. What is an example of private information?

4. What information does Feet think is OK to share online?


3-5 Digital Citizenship

Check out the video about online news articles. Discuss these questions with an adult at home:

1. Why do you think it's important to know the different parts of an online news article and website?

2. What are some things to look out for when reading a news article online?

*from Common Sense Media