Teaching Global Citizenship

Region 13 Global Citizenship Mini-Conference 5/16/16

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Today's Objectives

Content Objectives

  • Create a common definition of Global Citizenship

  • Identify methods for teaching Global Citizenship

  • Showcase Talk, Read, Talk, Write strategy by Nancy Motley

Language Objectives

  • Speak with and listen to others to create a common definition of global citizenship

  • Read to identify methods for teaching about global citizenship

  • Write a brief editorial on how you will teach global citizenship in your classroom / district

TALK 1: Respond to a Visual

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Creating a Common Definition - Tech Alternative

Answer Garden - real time word cloud from the words you want in our common definition
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READ: Pay Attention To...


...teaching ideas

As you read, highlight parts of the text that you’ve been directed to Pay Attention To - these highlights are your PAT list.

Article: What is Global Citizenship?

TALK #2: Check-in Conversation

Each small group will discuss your highlights together as a way to check-in about key concepts from the text.

Possible sentence stem:

One phrase that I highlighted was …. because it defined global citizenship by...

WRITE: Make a Claim with Evidence

You will write a brief editorial to respond to the following prompt:

What is global citizenship and how can we teach it in our classrooms?

Your evidence can be from the reading and the conversations that you’ve had with your groups.

Additional Resources