White Oak River Basin

By Lauren Zanni and Regan Richardson

What is the White Oak river basin?

The White Oak river basin is located on the eastern coast between the Neuse and Cape Fear river basins. It contains 320 miles of rivers and streams, and has a population of approximately 336,210 (2010). The river basin feeds into the Back, Core, and Bouge Estuaries. The mouth of the river basin is Bouge sound from there, flows to the Atlantic ocean. It's head starts at White Oak river, more specifically found in White Oak Pocosin in Northern Onslow County.

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The White Oak river basin contains many important land forms including Jacksonville, Sturgen City, Craven county, Carteret county, Jones county, and Onslow county. It is 1,382 square miles, takes up around 129 miles of coast line, and contains 6 counties. It has 140,104 acres of estuaries, and is home to many diverse organisms.

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Non-point pollution: Runoff from construction sites, farmland, streets and yards, developed areas, and forestry operations cause non-point pollution to drain into the water basin.

Point pollution: Nitrogen and Phosphorus from fertilizers, detergents, and animal waste, as well as runoff that has oil, grease, and chemicals from non-porous surfaces such as paved roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways.

Solutions: Reduce runoff by by slowing it down as it heads toward the water so it has time to be cleansed of the pollution. Placing restrictions on waste-water facilities, and by having them stop discharging untreated water into rivers/streams. Individuals can plant shrubbery and trees along the sides of rivers, streams, and lakes, to help filter out the waste before it reaches the water source.