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My countries was Portugal!

Date that Portugal joined European union?

Portugal joined the European Union in 1986

Was Portugal a founder of the EU?

Portugal was not a founder of the EU.

What was the history of Portugal?

Portugal has lost much of its wealth with the destruction of Lisbon in 1755

Was Portugal a part of any other countrie at one point?

No Portugal was always it's own countries

Where is Portugal located?

It is located 39 30 N, 8 00 W

What's the history of the flag?

The flag ha two colors green and red green represents hope,red represents blood for those defending there nation.

What is the Capitol of Portugal and four major cities?

The Capitol is Lisbon major cities are Aveiro,Viseu,Comibra,Beja

Why people should visit Portugal and why it attracts tourism?

People should visit Portugal because they have great food and there beaches are awsome! And they have cool churches that makes tourist want to come.

Geography of Portugal ?

Portugal is a coastal nation in southwestern Europe located at the wastern end of the Liberian pensuala.

What's portugals government type?

Portugals government type is parliamentary democracy.

Currencey type if it is the EURO what did they use prior?

The escudo was the currency of Portugal prior to the introduction of the EURO on 1/1/1999

What's three interesting facts about Portugal?

* 230 million people around the worl speakes portuges

* portuges language is closely related to Galician language

* Jose Manuel is former minister

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