Sunkist June Newsletter

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Principal's Message

It is difficult to believe that it is June already and the school year is coming to a close. We started the year in August knowing that this year would be like no other year we ever experienced. We all, as a team, worked through virtual learning, hybrid learning, technical issues, virtual; book fairs, virtual community meetings, text messages from teachers and administrators, and different schedules. It was absolutely the year of flexibility! Together, as a community, we made it through this special year, and now we can all say that we lived through the pandemic year!

June is a short but busy month. Please take a moment to read through this newsletter to information, but please feel free to contact the office if you need clarification. It has been such a pleasure to meet all of you and your children this year. It has been an honor to serve you as your principal, and I look forward to serving you next year as well.

June Events

Kindergarten Celebrations will take place June 16, 17, and 18. Teachers will communicate specific class schedules with parents.

Fifth Grade classes will celebrate the end of their time here at Sunkist on June 18. Teachers will communicate with parents regarding specifics.

Fun Day-Classes will take part in a Fun Day on either June 17th or June 18th. Please see specific schedules below.

Report Cards- Report cards will be sent home on the last day of school.

New Student Registration

Sunkist School would like to welcome new Bear Cubs! If you have a child who you would like to register at Sunkist to begin in the fall of 2021 please drop by the front office Monday through Friday 9:00 am and 11:00 am and 1:00pm-4:00pm. Wednesdays the office will be open to 6:00 pm to accommodate families who need a later time. We will follow these hours through June 30, 2021. You will also need the following information to register:

  • Birth Certificate with parent(s) valid ID
  • Physical Exam
  • Immunization Record
  • Dental Exam
  • Utility Bill

Summer School

This year Sunkist will be hosting Summer School. Student who qualify for summer school were sent an invitation on May 26 and 27. Please make sure to return the invitation as soon as possible as students will be accepted on a first- come first-served basis.

Summer School Hours:

Incoming Grade 1- July 6-16 (2 weeks)

Incoming Grades 2-5- July 6-30 (4 weeks)



Here are some frequently asked questions related to COVID and returning to school:

  1. What if my student is not feeing well? Keep your child home if they do not feel well. (Temperature of 99.5 or above please stay home) Speak to your student about the importance of following the school's safety protocols including: Wearing a mask-to cover both nose and mouth while at school. Keeping distance from peers. Washing hands well often or using hand sanitizer
  2. What group is my child in? What days will they be attending school? If your child is in Cohort A: they attend school on campus Monday and Wednesday and Remote days are: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. If you child is in Cohort B: they attend school on campus Tuesday and Thursday and Remote days are: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. *Please note* If you have specific questions about the cohort your child is in, please call the office.
  3. Should I wait until my child goes through the gates before I leave? Yes, please do a passive screening before bringing your child to school to check for fever. Once the students arrive, campus assistants will also do an active screening to check for fever. If their temperature is above 99.5, then they will not be able to stay at school.
  4. Should my child bring a snack to school? Yes, you are welcome to send a snack with your child. There will also be a snack provided from our cafeteria during a 20 minute nutrition break. This snack will be at no additional cost to our families.
  5. What if I forgot my mask or lost it? We will have disposable masks on our campus and in our classrooms.
  6. Can my child wear a face shield with a mask? Yes. As long as the face shield is not a distraction we welcome both face coverings.
  7. Can I come on campus and walk my child to their classroom? No, at this time, we are not having any family members on campus. We understand that this could be a challenging time for some of our students, however for contact tracing purposes we cannot welcome families at this time.
  8. Does my child have to wear a school uniform? No, students will not have to wear a school uniform for the remainder of this school year, but if you have one it is encouraged.
  9. What does my child need to bring with them to school? Your student's teacher will inform you what they will need to bring with them.
  10. What are the new school office hours? Monday-Friday 7:30-4:00 PM, outside of these hours, by appointment only.

We will continue to keep you updated and informed as quickly as possible. Please stay tuned!

Technology Collection

Devices: iPads, Chromebooks, chargers, & hotspots

These devices will be collected as follows:

Hybrid Cohort A students on Wednesday, June 16

Hybrid Cohort B students on Thursday, June 17

Hueneme at Home students on Friday, June 18

COVID 19 Resources

Please follow this link to locate COVID-19 resources you may want to access:

Also, if you need further support please contact the front office at Sunkist.