Gingko Newsletter

Week of January 4, 2016

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Hello Gingko Families!

Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful and restful break!

This week we...

Were so excited to see each other again! We greeted each other with handshakes and hugs and spent time sharing news about winter breaks.

Learned the Sound in Motion for "m." We practiced the motion and thought of words that started with the sound. We came up with so many words! We each drew the word we chose and put them together to create a book.

Looked at and discussed pieces of art using a method called VTS.

(You can learn more about VTS here:

Celebrated Denim's birthday. Happy birthday, Denim!

Read with our book clubs. We spent time talking about how important this time is for us as readers; the only way to get better at reading is by reading! We went book shopping in the Compass library and talked about how to take care of our book baggies and the books inside.

Did another word sort! We got two sheets of papers with lots of pictures on them. We used scissors to carefully cut out the pictures. We sorted pictures to show if the word illustrated started with the “m” or “g” sound. We reviewed our work with a teacher and then glued down the pictures. Some kids worked to label each picture after they were glued down, thinking carefully about the sounds they heard in each word.

Wrote our own stories over 5 pages. We thought about true stories we might want to write about. We each got our own special writing booklet and found a quiet spot to sit. We planned out what we would write and draw on each page. Everyone included a picture and some words in their work.

Played with a new marble run during exploration.

Visited Graziella's! To culminate our restaurant study we visited a restaurant together! We ate pizza and asked Emma, the manager, some of the questions we still had about restaurants. We learned that the restaurant gets some of their ingredients from farms nearby and some from far away in Italy! We learned that they wash the dishes lots of times throughout the day. We learned that all of the pizza is made in a special brick oven. We even got to go into the kitchen and see where the food is prepared and the dishes are washed! After our trip, we spent time writing about things we saw, did and learned.

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Some Conversation Starters for This Week...

Tell me about your trip to Graziella's! What did you see in the kitchen?

I heard you looked at art and talked about it with your class. Did you like doing this?

What did you do during book clubs this week? What did you read about?

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