Teen Drinking

Aleksey Shishkin

How big is the problem

Teen drinking is a major health problem. Alcohol is consumed more then tobacco. It is responsible for 4,300 deaths every year. In 2010, 180,000 emergency room visits happend from alcohol.

effects on the body

Not only does liquor ruin your liver and brain, but the long term damage is a lot worse. For one person, addiction to alcohol can start within 18 months. Though it is different for every person. It also can cause cancer and liver failure.

Causes injures and death.

Consumption of alcohol not only can make your health worse, but it can impair your vision and your judgment. Impaired can lead to things such as drunk driving, unprotected sex, fights, ect.

Can lead to other problems such as trouble in school

Other than the health problems, alcohol can distract you from school and that will lead to falling grades.


Drinking when underage is only acceptable only when your parent is present or your spouse. In the states of Wisconsin, Washington, Ohio, Texas, and Montana.


90% of teens report that drinking is not worth the consequence.


When teens were asked why todays youth drinks alcohol 51% reported neither they or their friends drink.


Vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death for 15-20 year olds.