Repetend 3

Entry #3

October 10, 2014

Dear Diary,

I was right about the new dress code controversy being far from over in my school. Today, when I got to school, there were flyers outlining the dress code posted all throughout the school. It's safe to say that I was right about the females being specifically targeted. Not only was the picture used actually of a girl, but the entire thing was speaking specifically to the female students. Our principal put things on the flyer such as telling us to "leave some things to the imagination" and that our projected image as women is "so important." How can the school administration claim to be protecting all of their students when it's clear who is being protected. The school is only focusing on the best interest for the boy's and their education. Maybe instead of teaching me that my body is "distracting," they should teach the boys not to be distracted by my body. I am very upset about the way the school is enforcing the dress code. Also, my entire town is beginning to hear and recognize this controversy. My mom told me that the problem is going to be featured in the newspaper tomorrow.