Ancient Greece

By:Bryce O'Donnell


Ancient Greece lasted from 2,900 B.C to 641 B.C. Greece is one of the greatest ancient civilizations because of how advanced and smart they were. They have many interesting facts and artifacts which are yet to be discovered. Greece created most of the ancient gods that you see in stories and movies today.
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Ancient Greece was located in Italy . The capital of Greece was Athens. Athens was named after the Greek god Athena. At the heart of Athens was Acropolis. In Greek Acropolis means "Top City". Acropolis had a building called Parthenon, which had a huge statue of Athena inside.
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Greek gods

Like many other cultures, Greece created stories. Their stories were amazing stories that had characters we see in movies and books. Greece's most famous stories were about their gods. Some of their popular gods were Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, Hades, and many others. These stories were passed down from generation to generation by mouth. The stories themselves still live on today and are very popular to anybody who finds them interesting.
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Wars and Battles

Ancient Greece was known for their many battles and wars. One of the most famous battles was the battle of Sparta. The Greek were fighting Persia on both land and water. The Greek had 10,000 soldiers and Persia had 30,000 soldiers. The Spartans held them off for weeks. In the final battle there were only 300 Spartans against 10,000 Persians. The Spartans lost, but it was one of the greatest battles ever.
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Many people think that Atlantis is in the ocean. Scientists think that it's actually in Greece. Toward the ocean side there are ruins of one of the most advanced ruins from Ancient Greece. The structure is advanced in even todays world. The structure itself is about two acres large with many windows. Archeologists have also found amazing sculptures and pottery. They are some of the most intricate structures they've ever seen.
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Greece is mainly known for their gods and amazing battles with other countries. They're also known for how smart and talented they were. Ancient Greece is one of the most interesting civilizations ever, and there is more to be discovered about it even today!