Presidential Democracy

Vote for me, feel more free!

What Makes a Presidential Democracy Special?

  • A Presidential Democracy is a form of government where the people vote for a president, then the president makes the choices for said country.
  • In this governmental system, voters also elect lawmakers to represent them in in a National Legislature.

What Are The Advantages of a Presidential Democracy?

  • A Presidential Democracy is much more responsive and effective governmental system because the President is voted on by the people.
  • Because there is a separation of the Executive and Legislative powers, the branches watch over each other to assure no abuse of power.
  • A President (Because He [or she in the future?] is voted on by the people) is publicly supported by a majority of the nation.
Barack Obama 2013 Inauguration Oath of Office

What Are the Disadvantages of a Presidential Democracy?

  • It is very difficult to remove a president from power after they are elected until their term ends.
  • When a President is of a different political party as the legislatures, the result can be gridlock- a situation where no progress is made on major issues.
  • In some countries, Presidents have used their power to establish authoritarian regimes.
Presidential Debate 2012: Full Recap


  • The United States is a perfect example of a Presidential Democracy. Every four years, we elect a new president to run our country and make important political decisions.
  • Our country also votes on legislative figures to represent us in the lawmaking processes in Washington.

Interesting Information!

  • President Barack Hussein Obama is the United States' 44th President.
  • A Presidential Democracy was developed by the Ancient Greeks.
  • President Obama's favorite sport is Basketball.