A Child Called It

David Pelzer

One Action Can Kill Someone. By Katie Dolan

I’m here interviewing David Pelzer, age 52. David was physically abused by his mother since he was four years old in his small neighborhood in California.

Q: David, tell me, do you know why your mother abused you? Was it because work, her husband or anything else?

A: Well it was because my dad kept making her mad and she took it all out on me. But it was mostly because she was an alcoholic**.

Q: What were some of the things that she did to you?

A: First, if I didn’t do the many chores she gave me she wouldn’t give me any food. But most of the times, she wouldn’t give me any food for the fun of it. The longest time she starved me was about 10 days straight.

Q: Wow! So when you do eat, what do you eat?

A: Scraps** of my brother’s meals, for example: bread crust from there sandwiches.

Q: What are some other things that she did to you?

A: Well she had these torturous** this she called her fun games.

Q: Can you describe a couple please?

A: Yup. There was this one where my mom would fill the tub with ice and water and make me stay in it for about four to five hours. And there was this other one where I got a pair of roller blades for Christmas, but not for fun but for going around the neighborhood in the cold in shorts and a t- shirt.

Alright thank you David. So there you have it. Child Abuse** is never the answer. Just a few actions can kill someone. So remember there is no excuse for child abuse.

Vocab Words **

Child Abuse- the physical or emotional mistreatment of children

Alcoholic- a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

Torturous- extemely painful

Scraps of food- food that is discharged