Communicate, Collaborate

Common Core & More

Bell Work

  • Log into Edmodo and join the Edmodo Group - b7hyc9
  • School codes - if needed (BLE Code – x5pisd) (SES Code– waxboi)
  • Click on the link to the Smore outline for today's session


  • Teachers will investigate how technology is integrated into the Common Core standards
  • Teacher will explore tools and ideas for increasing collaboration and communications in the classroom
  • Teachers will explore a variety of Common Core resources and share ideas for integrating into the classroom.

Introduction- Why Technology Tools are Important?

Common Sense Media


  • RCS Edmodo
  • Notes, alert, assignments, quizzes, polls – explore & model
  • Library/Backpack
  • Communities
  • Help - Classroom Roll Out Resources

Moby Max

Moby Link - BLE
Moby Link - SES
  • Log in as a student
  • Explore the Writing and collaboration areas of program

Britannica Online

  • Britannica Website
  • Search Features
  • Animal Kingdom
  • The Learning Zone – video collections
  • Teacher Resources


  • Thinkfinity

  • Resources – Explore Partner Sites

  • Search by standard – click on Standards and drill down

Wrap Up

  • Review Objectives/Questions
  • Overview of Programs
  • Share favorite resources in Padlet
  • Evaluations