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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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The flight leaves on Sunday April 27 at 6:00 p. Then arrives in Washington DC at 11:29 p Then you wait for 22 hours and 36 minutes. to change planes. In Washington you take off on Monday at 10:05 p then lands in Soa Paulo, Brazil on Tuesday at 8:40 am. For a first class flight it cost $13,647 per person and $68233.15 for 5 people in total.



The Belmond Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil is only $632. The hotel has internet, air- conditioned rooms, airport shuttle, a pool, and parking, a massage area, and a shopping area. The hotel I'll be staying at cost $632 nightly and it cost $61,613 for the trip total for 29 nights 3 rooms and 5 guests. The hotel also has free breakfast. Also the hotel is right by the beach.http://www.kayak.com/hotels/Rio-de-Janeiro,Brazil-c24146/2014-04-27/2014-05-26/5guests/3rooms


The activities you can do in Rio is go on a small group tour to see the Christ statue. Also you can go hang-gliding around the statue of Christ. Another activity or activities you can go on is Water Sports. Which include scuba diving, surfing, body boarding and kite surfing.

Going on a small group tour to the statue of Christ cost $74.99 per person. Take an afternoon tour to Corcovado Mountian topped with the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer. You'll travel through the Tijuca Rain Forest by cog train to Corcovado Mountian for breathtaking views of one of the world's most beautiful cities. This afternoon tour takes you to Rio's most famous attraction, leaving you with time in the day free to explore Rio on your own. As it says on the Rio de Janeiro website (found at the end of the paragraph). Our half-day tour to Corcovado takes you to Cosume Velho station to catch the cog train. The stee train journey takes you through the dense Atlantic rain forest of Tijuca to the Art Deco Statue of Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado mountain. You'll spend up to an hour here with your tour guide, who will show you the sights of Rio from this incredible mountain-top vantage point. http://www.riodejaneiro.com/activities/

Going hang-gliding in Rio de Janeiro happens in Pedra Bonita, a beautiful mountian situated in Sáo Conrado neighborhood, just 20 minutes from Ipanema. You don't need any experience since the pilot takes control of the whole flight. During the ride, all you do is to smile at the camera and enjoy the view. The landing area is on Pepino beach, with its clear waters and white sand. The landing area is on Pepino beach, with its clear waters and white sands. Rio Adventures works with the best pilots in Rio, who have many years of tandem flight experience and are certified by the Brazilian Hang Gliding Association.

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