Segers Herald

Sept. 4, 2015

Rumple What?

This week's fairy tale was a hard one to pronounce -- Rumplestiltskin. However, by the end of the week we were the experts. At the start of the week, before we even read the story, we tried our hands at illustrating a fairy tale character. The students drew what they thought Rumplestiltskin would look like - boy or girl, evil or good, etc. This was the first introduction to the word "illustrator" and what that job entails. We then read a couple of different versions of the story. We compared settings, events and illustrations to see which we liked the best. Since Rumplestiltskin is such a long name we couldn't ignore that so we counted his letters, put that number on a ten-grid, broke his name into hidden partners (10 and 5) and then of course looked closely at our own names and the number of letters. There is an interesting tool as an integral part of the story - a spinning wheel - so we watched a video of how one really works and talked about what has replaced that tool now. We then moved on to the fairy tale of Rapunzel. We've read one story (you can read it at home on our e-book collection) and talked about the elements of fairy tales. We'll read a few different versions and compare them (some from other countries). Rapunzel was the name of a vegetable so we launched right into a study of healthy eating, learning about the food guide pyramid, identifying healthy foods and taking a close look at our school lunches. Next week the school nutritionist will visit us to talk more about the food groups and how we can build strong bodies.
CCRS:.MD.3; K.CC.4aand b; K.MD.3; K.CC.3; RL.K.2 and 3; SL.K.4; RF.K.3; )

Approved: B Schmitt