Fantastic Fourth Grade

Week of October 28th

Important Reminders

  • Pumpkin Math on Wednesday at 9:30 or 1:00
  • Fall Party is Thursday at 2:00
  • Friday is wear Camo for Spirit Day
  • This week there is no homework, just study their multiplication facts
  • Monday November 4 is wear purple for March of Dimes


In math we are learning about fractions. We have started finding equivalent fractions and are beginning to compare and order fractions. The next step will be mixed numbers and improper fractions. We have used many different things to represent fractions while finding equivalent fractions. To practice fractions on a number line we have played a battleship game (the students favorite.)

Pumpkin Math is this week. The students will use the pumpkins to practice measuring, skip counting, adding and subtracting decimals to find prices. We will be measuring the circumference, the weight, finding the price, and the number of seeds using a counting method. It will be a fun filled day of pumpkin guts!

Social Studies

This week we are starting back with social studies. We are focusing on the four regions of Texas and the Native American who settled the land. The students will be creating murals of the regions.