This is my opinion of why we should NOT have school uniforms

Why do they have to power to tell us what we can and can't wear?

There is a dress code to school, but that doesn't mean they should tell us we have to wear what they want, were they want it, and when to wear them. We should be allowed the opportunity to dress ourselves in whatever we want (within reason).

It's an Amendment

The Bill of Rights has the amendment, the very first amendment, that states that we have the freedom of speech, with is also known as freedom of EXPRESSION. Meaning the Bill of Rights states that we can wear whatever we want!


The Same?

Why would you want kids to all look the same, that definitely doesn't boost there confidence. “Children express themselves through their clothes, stifle creativity. They allow for no individuality, no self expression.” says Karen McAlhaney, a parent of a seventh grade daughter.
The point ism, kids should be allowed to express themselves, even if that means letting them wear whatever they want.