The Deep Ocean

By. Kinsley L and Antonio S.

Animal life

  • Giant Spider Crab
  • Atlantic Wolffish Pair
  • Fangtooth Fish
  • Six-Gill Shark
  • Giant Tube Worms
  • Vampire Squid
  • Pacific Viperfish

Plant life

Red algae seaweed


sea grasses


Anthropogenic Impact

litter dumping

resource exploitation

climate change

Human Impact on the Oceans - The Changing Oceans Expedition

Abiotic and Biotic factors

Abiotic factors of the deep ocean include little to no light, high pressure, cold temperatures, and low oxygen.

In the deep ocean, the biotic factors are detritus, pelagic fish and other creatures that have evolved from the ocean floor. Detritus is the decaying organisms that once lived in the upper level of the ocean floor.


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