Madeleine's Goal Reflection

For Parent Conferences

Aspire to Achieve

Last term my Aspire Goal was to be more Actively involved. I feel that I have been working on this by contributing more in class discussions. However I think I need to work on this a bit more. So my Aspire goal will still be to be more Actively Involved. I can show this by taking more active roles when working in a group.


My Fitness goal was to get at least a four-five in the beep test. For the beep test I got a four-six so I achieved this goal. Next time we do the beep test I am aiming for five-five. To make this happen will need to do exercise at least three times a week e.g star jumps and swimming


Last term my Literacy goal was to use different sentence starters. Although I can do this sometimes I forget to do it. So, definitely need to work on this some more. This is some evidence of me reworking my writing.


I had a couple of Math goals last term however it is tricky to work on maths goal other than on Mathletics Instead this term we were working on Quadratic equations. I think that I have been working well towards this below is so evidence.