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Hi Redeemer Families,

This week we are taking a look at a time when Jesus was questioned. The religious leaders of the day wanted Jesus to say something false so they could accuse Jesus of being a liar or going against God's word. Jesus answered with wisdom and authority. Jesus can handle difficult questions. He cannot be proven wrong and is the Truth. We can count on Jesus to be truthful in all He says and take Him at His word as He forgives us, loves us, and welcomes us into His Family.

  • What is one difficult question you have for God?
  • How do you handle arguments or misunderstandings?
  • What can we learn from our story today?

Blessings on your week,

Laura LeBaube

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Don't Forget Kona Ice This Sunday Night!

The Kona Ice Truck will be here September 13th to serve up snow cones after our 6:00pm outdoor worship service. Bring your family or a friend. Children can come see me after service and for a coupon for a free Kona Ice!
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Redeemer Kids: Jesus Was Questioned

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Laura LeBaube

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