Parent Education

September 11, 2014

Parent Education: Sleep

"The trifecta for a healthy family is nutrition, exercise and sleep". We all know and have access to plenty of information on exercise and nutrition. However, do you know how to get your children to sleep well?

As a certified sleep consultant, I educate families:

  • on the importance of sleep,
  • how much sleep your children need,
  • how to overcome bedtime battles,
  • how to implement an enjoyable bedtime routine and
  • how to get them sleeping all night without waking up

Come join the 'sleep' discussion to get all your baby, toddler and children's sleep questions answered and find out how to get more rest.

Parent Education:Sleep

Thursday, Sep. 11th, 6-7:30pm

600 Old Custer Rd

Allen, TX

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About me (Visa Shanmugam), owner of Sound Sleepers:

I didn't give much thought about sleep or the lack of it, until I had my son. Sleep had always been very important to me and it was a running joke in my family as to how much sleep I needed (8-9 hours a night). But once I had my son, I was lucky if I could get more than 3 hours at a stretch!! He didn't nap for very long and he was up every 4 hours at night to be fed, rocked, patted back to sleep. I was beyond exhausted and no longer resembled the ‘old’ me.

After reading several of the sleep books out there, I was still confused about what was the right thing to do and where to get started. That’s when I stumbled upon Dana Obleman’s world renowned Sleep Sense Program. Within 3 weeks of implementing the plan, my son was sleeping through the night and I was starting to get back to the old me. Now both my sons sleep 11-12 hours at night and I get 8!

I am a strong believer that children who sleep well are happy, healthy and alert children. After being handpicked by Dana herself and participating in an extensive training program, directly under Dana’s guidance I am thrilled to be a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant. I have turned my love for sleep into a rewarding career, helping families restore calm in a chaotic household. I love meeting new families and parents and helping transform their lives, by giving them the skills they need to create independent, Sound Sleepers.