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So yes, this is Hollis getting credit for Project 6 in the CL!!!

"Assist in creating the club newsletter"

District 50 Spring Conference

The District 50 Spring Conference was held May 13th-14th. It is the final step to the Contest journey for the 2015-2016 year. It contained two great contests; The Evaluation Contest and the International Speech Contest!!! It was amazing to see the best of out district compete! We need you to compete this fall! Think about it now, start getting your humerous speech ready. The other fall contest will be Table Topics! We have a lot of great table topics speakers, so get your impromptu ready!

Friday night our own Hollis Cash was honored to be the test speaker so that the evaluators would have something to evaluate! And he did a great job making it hard for them to evaluate! the video of his test speech will hopefully be on the Toastronix facebook page soon!

There were great educational sessions, great speakers, and great food! Toastronix had three member attend; Nilaksh, Andra, and Hollis! Stay tuned about info for fall converence as it will be exciting and easier for you to attend.

District 50 Facebook Group Page

You need to request to join..and your should!

New Members—New Mentees

Not only have we have gained 3 new members from our Open House: Andrew Cooper, Anish Rai, and Ilya Slavitskiy.

We have gained another from outside our club. Please help me welcome Stanly Gomez to our membership! WELCOME!

Please contact David Lee if you would like to be a Mentor to one of our new members. You will gain credit in your Project 9 in your Competent Leader Manual.

Role Sign-ups!!!

Below is the current sign-ups! Please email David Lee to (click here) sign up for a role!!!
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Education Awards

The education program is an important part of every Toastmaster's journey and is a critical aspect of every club meeting around the world. The Toastmasters Education Program is based on a proven curriculum that enables you to develop your communication and leadership skills one step at a time.

The education awards have been awarded to Andra Cash CC, Nilaksh CL and David Lee CL. Congratulations!

There’s an APP for that!

Have you tried it?! The first official Toastmasters mobile app is now available on your smartphone or tablet. This user-friendly tool is designed to help you perform your club meeting roles with convenience and ease. Preview and download the app here.

Make sure your Toastmasters International Login Access is activated to get full access to the Mobil App.

-Instant access to your club roster -Built-in Ah-Counter that counts filler words -Grammarian function that keeps track of the Word of the Day -An easy-to-use timer -A History section to track your progress. Download it today to help with your next role.

Upcoming Officer Nominations 

The July 1, 2016—June 30, 2017 Officer term is fast approaching. Current Officers, be on the lookout for potential candidates to be mentored to take on this great leadership opportunity. Visit with them now to discuss the possibilities. And members who believe they would make a great candidate for these new roles, we can’t wait for your leadership!

Final Nominations for next term officers will be held on May 31st. Voting for our new officers will be held on June 7th. Mentorship of the exiting officers will take place the remainder of the month. New officers will be inducted into office on June 28th.

Toastronix Facebook Page

Check in as often as you can!!!

10 Year Anniversary!

Toastronix is not just another year older, it’s 10 years old on 8/10/2016 !!!

Take this opportunity to host the biggest bash for Toastronix and celebrate 10 years strong August 9, 2016 . By Chairing this event, you will gain credit for Project 10 in your leadership manual. By serving on the committee for this special event, you will earn credit for your Project 6 in your leadership manual. Let’s make it big and bold to draw in attention from our Corporate Sponsor and the surrounding community!

Practice Makes Perfect

To help you, we offer video recording of your speech to help you reach your goals as a fluent speaker. As any sports coach would tell you, with practice and rehearsal, you can get better. But with video you can see your opportunities to improve to be GREAT! Seeing yourself from the audience point-of-view will give you insight to improve posture, use of the stage, and any nervous habit you never knew you had. Just ask the VP of PR at the beginning of the meeting.

New Member Application 

The new application for Toastmasters has been updated on the Toastmasters International Website.

Please make sure if are sponsoring a new joining member (you brought them as your guest) that Your Membership information is put at the top of page 2 of the membership application. If you need assistance with Your Toastmasters Membership Number, please reach out to one of VP’s for assistance. We can look that up for you.

Toastronix Club Web Page

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Need a Overview or refresher on how to update your profile on our Toastronix Club Web Page—Contact Info or Profile Photo?

The VP of PR is waiting to assist you.

District 50 Booster Award 

Be a major part of the growth for District 50 and get the snazzy booster award lapel pin!! Complete any 6 of the 8 tasks between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. This gains you the title “District 50 Club Booster” which entitles you to wear the Club Booster Pin. More information and the submission form are available on the district club growth blog .

District 50 Website

General information about all that is happening in D50!

Social Corner

If anyone has missed today’s or previous meetings, please visit our Facebook page: to view the Winners Circle. Like the Page to see future posts. Like the individual posts to boost our Web presence. “Check In” to boost interest among friends/family/colleagues. And comments on meetings and click “Going” on our upcoming Special Events.


May 13, 14th—District 50 Spring Conference

May 31st—Officer Nominations

June 7th—Voting on Officers

June 28th—Officers Inducted

July-Aug—Officer Training

August 9th—Club 10 Yr Anniversary