Operations Newsletter

April 2016

Excellence in 2016

Development plans have been a focus as we start 2016. Education is a component of the plan and we are working on the overall strategy for training in Operations based on the development plans. I wanted to let you know that there is the opportunity for some free training and it can be delivered on your phone or computer.

If you have an iPhone, you should have an icon for Podcasts. Podcast are various shows that are posted online and can be download to your device. They are also a great source of education.

A good podcast to check out is the HBR IdeaCast. In additional to information from the magazine, it contains short clips on topics include Agile Management, Leadership and Customer Service. The recordings go beyond just reading a script to actual interviews with the business leaders and researchers.

TED Talks are another great source of education. TED stands for Technology Education and Design. All of the talks are less than (18) minutes of length and available at www.ted.com.

The presentations range from needs of mayors of cities through the world to Tony Robbins “Why we do what we do”. A large part of our project base is located in cities and there are (105) talks posted at ted.com on the topic of cities.

These are some examples of some free education that you can find either at your desk or on your phone. They are definitely worth checking out. I challenge everyone to take a look at the sources above and find (1) presentation of interested. Please let me know if you find one relevant to our industry and I will be happy to include the link in future newsletters.

Take care,

Excellence in Security

Tiffany Wilkey and the Security Team have secured a very large order with Duncanville ISD. The team will be work on (7) schools over the summer.

The scope includes Avigion CCTV, RS2 Access Control. In addition, we will be installing (151) Card Readers and (348) IP Cameras.

Best of success to the Security Team as they gear up for a busy summer and a big THANK YOU to Tiffany and the sales team for this large order.

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Excellence in BAS

Chris Eason has been awarded a contract from the City of Carrollton. The BAS team will be working on expansion and renovation of the Carrollton Police Headquarters. We will provide interface to packaged RTU’s. The team will also be providing controls to (27) Fan Powered Boxes and (14) VAV Boxes.

Thank you to Chris for the order and we look for a successful project. Will Buczek will be the Project Manager for this project.

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New Employees

The Operations team is pleased to welcome (2) new employees to the team.

Patrick O’Neil joined the team as a system technician. In addition to his work on wireless networks, servers and routers, he has owned his own construction company for 14 years. Patrick also was a Crew Chief and Engine specialist on F-16 aircraft while in the Air Force.

Kyle Hilmes also joined the team as a system technician. He has worked for the past (6) years as a certified TAB technician in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Kyle brings the familiarity of the test and balance tools and also the HVAC equipment.

We welcome both of the new team members to the team.

Excellence in Operations

We have been looking at the vision for Operations. This month, we will look at the next (2) values

The third value is “Done Means Done” (Credit to Bryan Turner). We do not leave a site unless the work is complete or we have an action plan on how we will bring it to completion. We need to make sure that our customer is comfortable and secure and we communicate this to them. If we left the site and work is not complete, we document it on our daily report and notify the Project Manager. With all projects, we finish what we start.

The fourth value is “Professional Grade”. We are professional grade. We differentiate ourselves in the market as professionals. We display this to both our internal and external customers. Our Goal in Operations is to act and be professional at all times and we take care of our business. We set the standard in our industry and we let it be known.

Excellence in Training

Upcoming Training Class @7:45 – Dallas Conference Room

May 12th Earned Value Management

May 26th PMBOK – Session I


We continue to look at the (5) SCOPE values Straightforward – Challenge – Open – Passionate - Effective

This month, the topic is Challenge

Challenge: “We Challenge ourselves and others to rethink what is expected. We are agile and move at the speed of change”

Our job is to act as a role model. We demonstration our creative and work to implement new methods and solutions for our customers. As we start a new project, we need to review the scope and determine if there is any other ways that we can design the system or install the components. If we find a better way, we document and make it the new standard.