Domestic abuse in a relationship

Made by colton

Dating violence facts

-approximately 1 in 5 highe school girls have been abused or sexually abused.

-57% of people know some one that been sexually abused.

-33% of teen have seen abuse or violence

- people that have had had abuse are more likely consequential to alcohol abuse.

-25% of highe school girls have been sexually abused.

-16-24 are more likely to get sexually abused.

- teen that have been abused hesitate to get help

-1 in 3 girls are in a unhealthy relationship

-violent behavior is between manly 6th to 12th grade.

-between 15 and 16 the abuse rate is 94%.

Causes of violence

-Believe they should have power over their partner

-that they can get away with it

-doing abuse gives them what they wAnt

-believe they can take priority

-when one partner feel they need to dominate the other

-the need to control

-drug or alcohol may be in the matter

Warning signs

-Exclusive jealously

-is very controlling

-attempt to isalate you from your famly

-has a explosive temper

-blames you when she or he is treated badly

-delivers in gender role

-has a history of fighting or hurting animals

-refuses to end the relationship

-Owens or uses weponses

-he is to seriously about the relationship to fast

Treat ment

-rehab:to help the abuser change

-therapy:to help the person that got abused recover

-trama: to help the person that got abused to recover