Getting to Know Ezgi

The Most Who-obsessed, Eccentric Girl in Northcote - word

The Three Most Unusual and Exciting Things That Have Happened to Her

1. Whilst walking home from school, she saw a guy in a full body panda suit riding a skateboard down the bus station. It was cool and weird at the same time.

2. Discovering the power of books (and manga, let's not forget manga) at the age of seven.

3. Watching the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary. IT WAS AWESOME!

The Person Ezgi Would Like to Meet Most in the World

Lo and behold ... THE TENTH DOCTOR! Cue Doctor Who music!
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Doctor who titles 2005-10

The Two Most Biggest Responsibility She Had (Actually, she still has them currently but never mind!)

A Color That Best Describes Ezgi


It's cool (not that I'm really), spontaneous and weird.

Seriously, I cannot think of a better color.

An Animal That Best Describes Ezgi

Okay, I've taken a quizzes online and all I've come up with is ... the dolphin. That happy-go-lucky, water bouncing hellion of the seas. Don't ask, don't think, just go with it.